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Over the years we’ve taken part in many unique projects. From installing new heating systems to the design, installation and management  of whole new renewable projects, we help people to have properties that run at their very most efficient.

If you have been considering working with our team, we’d love to show you why you should. Some of the projects that we have recently taken part in are listed below. These can help to show you the variety and the consistency of our team – and how we can get a variety of projects dealt with quickly and easily.

We understand the importance of timely, professional and candid project management. To help you see how we have handled other projects of the manner you might be considering, take a look at our previous work below.

The Walls

Our customers employed us to design, install and manage the heating and plumbing system of their large self build.

We designed and installed the two story underfloor heating system, a split hot water system to independently control the supply of hot water to each wing of the property all linked to two Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps. As well as the plumbing installation of the bathrooms and kitchens.


High Street

Our customers wanted extra space in their bathroom, so we removed the old back boiler, cylinder and cold water storage tanks from the loft and installed a new combination boiler in the cupboard under the stairs.  All the pipes in the old airing cupboard were removed creating the extra space for a shower cubical in the bathroom.


North Rd

The owners of this property wanted to re-open an original doorway which had the hot water cylinder installed in front of it. We re-located the the hot water cylinder upstairs and altered the pipes from the boiler allowing the doorway to be knocked through making it a usable threshold again.


Project Name

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